Excerpt from The Pillow Books of the Gossamer Courtesan:

“I think Room 12 is empty, right Sarah?” Mark said, as if he didn’t notice the girl and the maid. He got out some keys and unlocked the door.

The naked girl down the hall yelled as she came. The maid kept at it between her legs, though. “Clean it up, maid. That’s your job. Suck it up, vacuum bitch!” the naked girl said as we walked into Room 12.

I thought I would faint. I was utterly overwhelmed. I wanted to be the naked girl; I’d never had an orgasm at all when someone went down on me, much less like that. But I also felt sorry for the maid and wanted to leave. My mind was a mess of conflicting thoughts and feelings.

Mark looked at me intently, thoughtful.

The room was beautiful. There was a large four poster bed with white linens and white netting hanging from the top. Sunlight streamed in through a private balcony. There was a small sitting area around a stone fireplace. The bathroom and walk-in closet were each as large as my bedroom at home.

“Here’s a sample of the kind of room you would be staying in. You can have room service for breakfast, most girls do. It’s a good time to get some alone time, read the paper, touch base with the outside world,” Mark said.

We left the room and Sarah led the way back down the hall. The naked girl was gone and the maid was dusting a painting.

“I need to show you something,” Mark said to me. Then he shouted toward the maid. “Maid! Come here!”

The maid put her feather duster away and came trotting over. She stopped right in front of Mark, eyes downcast and blushing.

“You must tell the truth,” Mark said.

“Always, sir. That is my duty unless told to do otherwise,” she said.

“Did you come just now, when you were eating the girl?”

“Yes, sir.”

I couldn’t believe it.

“Did you come because you were touching yourself at the same time?” Mark asked.

“No, sir. I was not allowed to do that. She likes to be held open with both hands or penetrated with fingers.”

“Did you clean yourself up after coming?”

“No, sir. I’m focusing on my work, first, sir. I hope that doesn’t displease you!”

“No, not at all. I’m pleased. Sit on that couch and open to me,” Mark said.

The maid did as she was told and spread her legs wide.

Mark kneeled down in front of her, and pulled her black thong aside.

“Yes, she came. See the streak of juice down her thigh?” He pulled her thigh around, making the streak glint in the light. “Definitely. She’s much too messy. Don’t know if you can tell, Fiona, but I can.”

When he said my name, my stomach flipped. My name sounded sexy when he said it. I wished he would demand that I open to him.

“Resume your work, slave,” Mark said.

We walked back downstairs and through the lobby. I was so horny, I couldn’t bear it.

Mark said, “The next step, if you would like to do it, is to spend a probationary twenty-four hour period here. No commitments. You would be paid $2000 for it, and it would be a way for you to see if you like it here, and a way for us to confirm our choice before offering an official invitation to join us.”