Who the heck are you?

Fiona Martine is a real person, writing (and editing) under a pen name because the circles she runs around wouldn’t tolerate such things. And it’s nice to have a bit of a double life.

Fiona truly is passionate about writing and is always in search of good writing to support and publish.

How do I submit to Honeydew?

Once you have polished and re-polished your story, read all the directions here to submit.

Do you accept submissions by email?

No, we use a submissions manager. But read all the directions here first, please.

What is your publishing schedule?

Right now we are aiming for monthly publications, but we really want to publish twice per month. This will have the ‘snowball’ effect on the Amazon community and provide more exposure and generate fans.

Do you pay for stories or artwork?

Yes. A token payment of $5 and a contributor copy is all we can offer at this time. As soon as we can pay more, we want to!

How quickly do you respond to submissions?

We will try our best to respond within three weeks.

Can I include my story elsewhere if my story appeared in Honeydew?

Yes, after 90 days from publication. We do reserve the right to publish your story again in a future Honeydew anthology.

Can I advertise on Honeydew?

Yes, prices range from $15 to $100. Contact us for more details.

How can I support Honeydew?

We are currently requesting funding through our Patreon page.