Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. When we receive three or more awesome stories, we will be ready to share them with the world!

What turns us on (and off)

We are looking for erotic stories that relate to the theme of the issue, but we think you should know what we like, generally speaking: we like it hard, we like it dark (grey), and we like it pretty damn spicy. We like the sharp, tangy words better than euphemisms.

We like Bondage and Domination, but not gory pain. We like young, but not under age. We like old, but not dead. We like experimenting with your best friend, but not incest. We love squirt, but no pee, please. We also like LGBTQ and feminist causes. Bring us your perfect and flabby bodies, your ingenues and second-chances, your late bloomers and your mature lovers.

The following will be rejected: gory pain, incest, under-age, scat, bestiality, cruelty (which is different from pain or discipline), and certainly any whispers of death. Happy endings are good.

Format and Length

We make the themes broad enough, we hope, to spur creativity. Any length is fine, but it does need to have a beginning, a middle, and an end—and that usually takes some words.

  • Our file format preference is .docx, but rtf and txt can work too.
  • Insert a page break at the end of each chapter or section.
  • Use the word processor’s default margin, spacing and font and you will make us happy.
  • At the very beginning of your document, please include the following:
    • Theme you are intending to submit for
    • Name to be published in the Honeydew Erotic Review
    • Email address
  • Optional: At the end of your document, include a 3-5 sentence bio and one link to your other book(s) or web site.


How to Submit

Submissions are accepted through Green Submissions only. Green Submissions is one of the only two submission managers for publishers approved by Duotrope. Here we are on Duotrope:


Speaking of Duotrope, The Grinder a free alternative way for writers to track submissions:


We pay $5 per published story and an electronic copy of the issue in which the story appears. This is so small, we know. Hopefully dear patrons from Patreon can help with that. We will also gladly include a link to the contributor’s blog, web site, or book. This is the kind of mutual exposure we are hoping will be beneficial to everyone.

Rights in brief

By submitting to Honeydew you pledge that your submission is original, unpublished work and that you are the author or artist. If accepted for publication in Honeydew, Honeydew acquires First Serial Rights, First World Electronic Rights and Archival Rights upon acceptance.  We acquire nonexclusive right to display, copy, publish, distribute, transmit and sell digital reproductions.

90 days after publication, the KDP Select period will end and your work can be published anywhere else in electronic format. If at any time after the 90 day period you would like your work pulled from the magazine, just let us know!

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know right away if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Rights in full

By submitting to Honeydew Erotic Review contributors agree to the following terms, conditions and guidelines.

Honeydew Erotic Review acquires first serial rights for publication in the e-book and print version of the specified issue.

About digital rights: Initially, we publish to Amazon KDP Select and their terms prohibit your content from distribution in any digital format other than Kindle for a 90-day period. Amazon (not just KDP select) also prohibits publishing the same content under two different titles. So if you already have content published for Kindle (or other e-book format) or a web site, that same content can not be included in the Honeydew Erotic Review. All submissions must be in accordance to the KDP Terms and Conditions.

We will distribute each issue of Honeydew Erotic Review through KDP Select first, and after one 90 day period is over, we will opt out of the ‘Select’ and reserve the right to distribute it through other vendors, such as (but not limited to) Nook, Issuu and Smashwords.

Honeydew reserves the right to lightly edit the accepted pieces for spelling and formatting, as well as any bio notes of the contributors.

It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that the submitted work is free from copyright violations. Honeydew is not liable for any consequences caused by copyright infringement within an author’s work.

If a work first published in Honeydew Erotic Review is subsequently published elsewhere, please include an acknowledgement of us as the first publisher.

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